Have I told you that this must be the best sandwiches? / Me and Zoi / When bae comes home with this before bedtime <3

The bitch is ready for party / When the best dad in the world knocks on the door with these flowers for no reason <3 / Haha bae always steals my morning coat/bathrobe

Proud gf / I love making my own juices! Favorite right now is beetroot and strawberries / Wine and dine in Berlin

Lite snaps from My Story på snap, där heter jag andiclausen för er som vill hänga med där. Det är min favoritapp! Vissa dagar bombar jag med bilder haha. Blir dock mest bilder, men ska försöka tänka på att filma lite mer ;-) 

// Some snaps from My Story, andiclausen is my username there if you want to follow me. Its my favorite app! Some days I do some picture bombs haha.